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KSS Thematic Science Melas 2024-2025

This is an open call of venues for hosting KSS’s Thematic Science Melas, to be held in October 2024 and February 2025. As the host, you will be able to partner with Khwarizmi Science Society for the biggest science festivals of Pakistan.

🔔 KSS’s Thematic Science Melas (TSM), are an evolution of the famed Lahore Science Mela series, to explore specific scientific realms in a deeper way. Schedule is as follows:

              1- Lahore Hayatiyati Mela (LHM) (hayatati=life) – October 2024 

              2-Lahore Falakiyati Mela (falakyati=skies and space) – February 2025

If all this sounds like a great opportunity to partner with us then fill up the form to apply!

Deadline to apply is 10th May 2024


This Application can be filled an an Expression of Interest to host both Thematic Science Melas or any one of the Melas


Pre-Checklist for Host Institute

Letter of Invitation (English)

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