Great Scientists are Artists as Well

Artists and scientists seem like the opposite poles of a magnet, the black and white in a painting. Reality is not like the binary system; there is no black and white in science and art. Scientists and artists live in the grey area that is life. These are the two forms of expression of the beauty that is nature. There is a scientist in every artist; with every accurate stroke of a brush, every geometrical pattern created on a paper, every figure brought to life by precise color selection, an artist transforms into a scientist with a passion to portray nature in its purest form.

Snake Pendulum at the Lahore Science Mela 2017

Scientists have excellent artistic inclinations when it comes to the perfect visualization of the geometrical patterns of atoms, flawless slides of perfectly stained cells and the musical patterns created by different waves. These wonderful phenomena, already present in nature, show how artistic nature is. The aesthetic sense of scientists can be witnessed in the form of the beautiful pictures of all the species from polar bears to deep sea creatures. There is beautiful art throughout the excellent artistic patterns in the atoms of minerals, the strategically arranged organelles in our cells, the distribution of different tree species throughout the land, the different forms of life coexisting as if they were appreciating one another’s existence, our beautiful planet dancing to the same music as other seven planets in our solar system and the various heavenly bodies arranged on the canvas that is the galaxy.

It is the nature which brings science and art together as scientists explore the works of the artist that is nature and arts imitates nature. The wonderful world of science and the colorful world of art are brought together to create the most cultural representation of the scientific world. Do visit Lahore Science Mela to witness the artistic portrayal of the scientific world with a final touch of culture.

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