Lahore University of Management Sciences

The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) was founded in 1984.  The university is ranked as one of the top business schools in Pakistan. The LUMS Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), initiated in 2008, is the first private research school for science and engineering in Pakistan with a vision “to carry out world-class, multidisciplinary education and research”. Modelled on some of the leading universities of the world, it aims to be a paradigm shift for science and engineering education in the country.

ECO Science Foundation

The ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), established in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2011 as a specialized agency of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), is mandated to promote scientific and technological research collaboration and other relevant activities among the member states, leading to socioeconomic development in the region. The Foundation has established its Science and Technology Fund (S&T Fund) for financing collaborative research projects on competitive basis.  In addition, to strengthen the science base of future generations and the region’s economy, the Foundation is promoting science education at school level, using the Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) approach.


Artistan, the land of art, is a social and consulting enterprise. Their primary social initiatives include ‘Street Art Pakistan’ (an anti wall-chalking campaign), and ‘Operation Art’ (Pakistan’s largest mural wall painting). Artistan’s mission is to create community involvement in the arts through innovative and amazing presentations and to bring Art to the public canvas in contemporary Pakistan. Other creative services provided by team Artistan include Event Management, Web Development/Graphic Designing, Interior Designing and Photography.

Ilm Dost

Ilm Dost, as the name suggests, is a comrade of knowledge. It believes that every person is an Ilm Dost. However, not everyone is a public advocate for educational awareness. It is a platform which seeks to start informed conversation on educational and cultural issues in Pakistan through reliable data and creative digital media advocacy. Its basic purpose is to encourage everyone to raise their voice for knowledge regardless of their profession or social status.

Media Partners


TechJuice is Pakistan’s leading technology media platform dedicated to profiling and promoting Pakistani startups and entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency,  reviewing new emerging gadgets, listing latest mobile prices in Pakistan, and breaking technology news. Founded in 2014, TechJuice quickly became a go to place for techies, geeks, businessmen, start-up founders and venture capitalists in Pakistan and abroad. Today, TechJuice boasts 2 million direct visitors on different social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn.

SUNO FM 89.4

SUNO FM is the largest FM radio network of Pakistan comprising of over 50 stations nationwide. Their vision is to utilize radio as a tool of awareness with good content and to create cultural harmony between all the languages and provinces of Pakistan. SUNO FM 89.4 is the sole Radio Partner for the Lahore Science Mela 2018. Their website is:

MIT Technology Review Pakistan

MIT Technology Review Pakistan showcases and promotes the rapidly expanding science, technology and entrepreneurship landscape of Pakistan. Their website is: