Become Science Demonstrator

at Lahore Hayatiyati Mela 2024

The Lahore Hayatiyati Mela offers Science Demonstrator positions to responsible and enthusiastic individuals who are interested in contributing to different projects and experiments related to KSS Surpriseum (Hairat Ghar).

Enlisted below are positions where you can contribute:

1- KSS Surpriseum (Hairat Ghar)

  • Life Sciences
  • Dark Room and Optics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and Bio-Mechanics
  • Natural Resources (Material and Earth)
  • Phenomenon and Design Lab
  • Climate Change
  • Mathematics
  • Technology
  • Workshops

2- KSS Planetarium (Khalai Kachwa)

3- LHC Tunnelaugmented reality station


  • This is the first batch of on-boarding KSS’s Science Demonstrators.
  • The roles are open to anyone, including university and high school students

Deadline to Apply is 1st June 2024!

In case of any queries, write to us at

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