How is it different from LSM 2017?


The Element of Culture
The cultural heritage of Lahore manifests itself through its remarkable mausoleums, forts and mosques. This culturally rich city offers numerous colors to be added to one’s life, the most prominent of which are the colors of festivals. Festivals have been a source of inspiration, relaxation, performance, presentation, and socialization in the past; this custom is now being furthered by various bodies in the form of literature, science, astronomical and art festivals. The Lahore Science Mela 2017 was Khwarizmi Science Society’s first ever venture to bring people of all age groups and social classes together in order to celebrate science.
The Lahore Science Mela 2018 will celebrate culture as much as science. Our exhibits will not only be limited to science and technology; they will embody the true spirit of curiosity, passion and
 artistic excellence. The LSM 201
8 will be embellished with aesthetically pleasing cultural exhibits which will not only be pleasing to the eye but the visitors will also learn about the cultural aspects of the city.
Artistic Representation
Artists, through their art, show us the places we have never been to, make us meet characters we have never even imagined. Art and Science are products of one state of mind: the curiosity. It would be remiss to leave out our artistic representation in the Mela. The Team LSM 2018 will bring together the artists and the scientists in a remarkable festivity of the shared curiosity.

Photographs tell what words fail to. Pakistan is a beautiful country and beauty can never be oversharing. The photographic representation at the LSM 2018 will showcase the magnificence and pulchritude of the Pakistan; it will bring together the photographers, the public and the science community to learn and see the world through each other’s lens.

Our Food
Food is the most delightful means of entertaining oneself and what can be a better way of celebrating diversity than tasting different foods! The LSM 2018 will highlight the variety of our foods and will bring people of different cultures together through one thing we all love!

History has always been disregarded considering it a bland and unappealing subject. It has become rather important to engage the young children in exploring the world where every important event of the past has remained documented. Bringing history to life is impossible, but we surely can bring history into our lives through our historical exhibits at the LSM 2018.