Join Lahore Hayatiyati Mela 2024

Many hands make the light work.

The first edition of KSS’s Thematic Science Melas is on its way. Lahore Hayatiyati Mela (hayatiyati=life) happening in October 2024. As we gear up for the festival, we invite you to become a part of this movement and help us manifest our vision for Lahore Hayatiyati Mela 2024!

🔻You may volunteer with us in a multitude of roles, set up your performances and pavilions at the event, support us by sponsoring an activity at the Mela, and do so much more.

It is without a doubt that LSM’23 was the sequel of not only the core team, but the people who invested their days and nights. As you proceed to sign up, this mela will ask of you, your time, your energy and patience, but know this, those gleeful, inquisitive and astounded faces, would be worth it. We wish you all lots of luck!

Become a part of Lahore Hayatiyati Mela 2024 by:

We are also looking for donors and sponsors to support KSS’s Thematic Science Melas 2024-2025. If you or your organization would like to help us organize this year’s Mela, please come forward and support us.

You may also request a sponsorship package by writing to us at: