To have a look at the complete list of exhibitors gracing the Lahore Science Mela 2018, visit this link.

Some highlights are listed below:

Allama Iqbal Medical College

Ever wondered how your body does miracles? Ever noticed the amazing ways your body adapts to changes? Ever wondered what it looks like on the inside? Come experience the Tibb Ki Duniya at the Lahore Science Mela 2018. The team from Allama Iqbal Medical College, with the mentor-ship of Dr. Muhammad Imran, will display the wonders and anomalies of the medical world! Dive in to the world under a microscope, re-live your school life with the original specimens and bring back the child in you, the child who always wanted to become a doctor

Muhammad Huzair Awan

Come meet Huzair, the cyber kid. He has designed a wireless hand gesture controlled device. This device is to enable the disabled people to control and move objects around them.
Muhammad Huzair Awan is a Pakistani IT prodigy and public speaker. In 2013, he became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age of 7 years. He became the youngest International Computer Driving License Certified (ICDL) in 2014 at the age of 8 years. He is the Brand Ambassador of IEEE-Pakistan since 2014.


Meet our exhibitor LearnObots, a pioneer in introducing educational kits in the form of robotic games to teach science and technology in the most fun way possible.

“We at LearnOBots, shall use our indigenous educational kits and activities aimed at promoting the concept of the application of STEM education in Pakistan, engaging with the audience. Our exhibit shall include a Quadcopter show, Robo-Soccer, Fruit Piano, Smart Mood Lights, Dancing Robots, 3D printers, Robotic waiter, LED cube, a display of DIY educational kits made in Pakistan and much more. All the attractions shall revolve around the theme of education technology, introducing the audience to the fascinating world of STEM and its applications to real-life projects.”


Are you bored of textbooks and worried about the mass murder of trees to produce paper? Our friends, team eLearn.Punjab is working towards creating a digital syllabus.
eLearn.Punjab is a project of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). It is an open official repository of digital textbooks based on National Curriculum, published by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). These digital books are augmented with over 13,047 Videos, Animations, Simulations, Interactive Assessments and Audio Strips of approximately 2000 minutes.

 Alpha STEAMers

Come have a hands-on experience of STEAM disciplines with our exhibitor, Alpha STEAMers. Alpha STEAMers will guide you how to make cool stuff using modern technology and sophisticated gadgets. Bring your kids to the Lahore Science Mela 2018 and help them learn about the technology, which is the future

Nasir Jumani

As we are running out of resources, there is a need for new and renewable forms of energy. Come meet our exhibitor, Nasir Jumani, and check out his project of Solar Energy Generation. He will teach you how to make a solar energy system for your house so that you can obtain that extra electricity, especially in these hard times of load-shedding and electricity crisis.




Makeistan is a project of Information Technology University; it is a community of makers with a shared passion for innovation through collaborative, hands on learning. At the Lahore Science Mela 2018, Makeistan will demonstrate robots made by students and air quality kits. Other interactive gadgets will be provided to the visitors of the Mela.


The EjaadBox consists of a series of curriculum based experiments and activities present in a 5-8 grades government published Science textbooks.One EjaadBox entails a value for a whole year of academic curricula and provides just the right supplementary material and components/equipment to perform what a child aged 10-14 is already learning in theory based classes at school. Ejaadbox encourages children to explore and experiment via hands-on and project-based learning. It is a step towards creating more and more eco-friendly tools of education.

The Planetary Society Pakistan

The Planetary Society is a non-government, non-profit organization supported by more than forty thousand members. It is involved in research and engineering projects related to astronomy and planetary science. Come explore the endless horizons of astronomy with the team Planetary Society and learn what surrounds our planet and how wonderful the universe is.

Pakistan Science Club

Pakistan Science Club is one of the most active science societies in Pakistan. They will bring fun into the Mela by live streaming of Water Rocket Launching with a parachute and camera embedded in it. They will also demonstrate and interactive session between Mimic Bot and the visitors. STEM and robotic kits will be provided to children for robotic games and competitions.

Education, Science and Technology Solutions

Education, Science and Technology Solutions is a non-profit organization which has introduced practical gadgets to the world of education. They aim to help the youth of Pakistan to pursue the fields of science and technology rather than considering them boring and dry subjects.

JF Labs

Parents, teachers, and clinicians are struggling today to provide children with enough one-on-one, personalized support. JF Labs believe that robotics can help. Like a good coach or teacher, robots can provide the appropriate emotional, cognitive, and social cues to encourage development, learning, or therapy for an individual.  At the Lahore Science Mela 2018, JF Labs will present their robots that assist users through social rather than physical interaction.

INNOVA Networks

INNOVA Networks will demonstrate the wonders of the internet at the Lahore Science Mela 2018 through amazing and interactive gadgets. Bring your children to the Mela and introduce them with the technology that is the future. The exhibit will focus on the broader horizons of the usage of internet to make lives better. is one of the leading suppliers of education material for makers in Pakistan. In the Lahore Science Mela 2018, will display some products from their library. Question and answers sessions will be held between the engineers and the general public. Come see what goes on inside a gadget and how they are built.

Lahore Astronomical Society (LAST)

LAST will be featuring Pakistan’s largest hydrogen-alpha telescope for daytime observation of our sun. Here’s a chance to see the ‘fire’ of the sun, the beautiful planet Venus along with bright stars and mesmerizing star clusters through fully automated telescopes.



GC University Lahore

In this age, the conservation of biodiversity is a great challenge. Biodiversity is important for the sustainability of life itself on the earth. The Department of Zoology of GC University Lahore will be exhibiting a number of biological specimens. Join the Lahore Science Mela and learn about the importance of and measures for the conservation of biodiversity.

Institute of Integrative Biosciences (CECOS University)

The Institute of Integrative Biosciences of CECOS University will be setting up a BioDesign Lab at the Lahore Science Mela. Adults and kids alike can explore the microcosmos of life with interactive activities like DNA extraction, making synthetic biological devices or even painting with bacteria! It is a great opportunity for everyone to experience the joys of being a life scientist like never before.

The Dawood Foundation

If you want to learn about the human body, the Lahore Science Mela has it all covered for you. Explore your skeleton and bones by looking at them in real time, learn about arteries and veins and learn about human anatomy through life-size models. Experience this and much more at the exhibit presented by The Dawood Foundation at the Mela.


Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials

Many of the medical emergencies of today are skeletal. Implants and bone-repair materials are often needed. Interdisciplinary Research Centre in Biomedical Materials of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is working on the indigenous development of such bio-materials. At the Lahore Science Mela, they will be exhibiting prototypes of artificial bone scaffolds, artificial skin and dental filling materials. It is a great chance to witness the wonders of an important and interdisciplinary area of health sciences.


Hast-o-Neest will be a part of the grand celebration of science and art. Come dive in to the wonderful world of ancient Islamic architecture and learn about the intricacies behind the astounding buildings and monuments. Meet Hast-o-Neest’s team and explore the artistic side of the Mela.



PCSIR Labs Complex Lahore

PCSIR will be giving an orientation to the work they do, the products they develop and the technologies they house. They will also be demonstrating how their testing facilities, which they provide to industry, work. Students and researchers will be able to explore the research facilities PCSIR has to offer. The exhibit will showcase display some of the very important industrial products developed from indigenous resources.

IET On Campus UET Lahore

IET On Campus UET Lahore will be demonstrating an array of projects developed by the engineering students of University of Engineering and Technology Lahore. Some highlights of the exhibit will be autonomous wireless quadcopter, LED cube, self-balancing robots and robotic claw.


Robokids is an initiative to provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education services in Pakistan. It is a first of its kind Robotics centre in Lahore that provides a genuine Robotics lab environment. It aims at providing children with the opportunity, tools and guidance to help expedite their learning, especially in STEM related fields, and give them a platform to express their talent and creativity. Robokids supports schools, colleges and universities in infusing specific STEM education tools, techniques and best practices into their co-curricular activities and mainstream curriculum. Come to the Lahore Science Mela 2018 for a first-hand robotics lab experience. aims to reduce the cost and time to develop IoT solutions and design any IoT product using a consolidated IoT platform. We provide tools for creators to develop internet-connected hardware. The goal is to provide the best place for learning electronics and making the best products for makers of all ages and skill levels.For this purpose provides a professional cloud services that can be opted into by paying on a per month basis. So that users can build a complete end to end prototype. The above mentioned services are augmented by a thorough SDK for Android and iOS. There are also a couple of ‘tweakable’ applications available. These are complete Android applications that allow users to simply build an application by changing the logo with their own. The applications are completely open source under a creative commons license so that users can easily change the source code according to their needs. gadget will be on display for public at the Lahore Science Mela 2018.

Women Engineers Pakistan

Women Engineers Pakistan is leading a strict mission to encourage female participation in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (S.T.E.M.) leading to better integration within business and education in Pakistan and beyond. Through our campus ambassador and mentorship programs, we work extremely hard to Increase representation of women in engineering by encouraging the notion of diversity, Educate women about career choices, Promote cooperation between Industry and student-bodies, Determine and advocate for the essential needs of women engineers in PakistanEngage and activate Alumni connections to facilitate smoother graduate-to-employer correspondence and Inspire younger generations about engineering by highlighting success of women in Engineering & Technology​. At the Lahore Science Mela, WEP will have interactive sessions with the visitors, especially the females, and will showcase the women engineers’ work.

LUMS Biology

The Department of Biology at LUMS will showcase the wonders of the living world at the Lahore Science Mela 2018. The exhibit will emphasize on basic functioning of cell, interaction of cell with pathogens (bacteria, virus and fungi), conversion of cell into a cancerous cell, and replication of DNA. Further explaining the role of microbes in health and sickness. Biology is one of the most fascinating and colorful fields of science, come meet the biologists and find the answers to your questions.

Tareen Education Foundation

Tareen Education Foundation will present a blend of science, art and culture with the amazing and colorful models made by the students of Lodhran. TEF is keen on promoting STEAM education in the government schools, it is a revolutionary step in changing the educational system at grass-root level. Meet TEF’s team and brilliant students who will showcase their talent in origami and more at the Mela.

FCC Physics Department

The students of the Department of Physics at Forman Christian College will bring out the fun in physics while playing with electricity, momentum and projectile motion. These live demonstrations will not only inspire university students but the children as well. Basic concepts of physics will be further simplified and presented to the young scientists while they observe, experiment, explore and learn.

Smart Learning Institute

Smart Learning Institute is working towards combining school education and practical learning in an interesting and remarkable way. Their aim is to train the primary and secondary school children for excelling in different fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). At the Lahore Science Mela 2018, the Smart Learning Institute will demonstrate in the domains of robotics, experimental science and glowing circuits.

Ijlal Haider

In Pakistan, where only slightly more than 800 of the nation’s 171,000 registered engineers work in biomedical engineering, a novel educational project is underway. With an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) grant, the IEEE Lahore Section and the University of Lahore IEEE Student Branch are developing a mobile biomedical engineering/neuroscience lab that will introduce high school students to the field. This exhibit hopes to inspire the  Pakistani youth to study for a career that helps to advance health care treatment by combining the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences.

Dr. Abdul Hakim Shah

Technology has certainly penetrated our lives. Among technology, internet of things (IOT) is the next big thing. At the Lahore Science Mela, Dr. Abdul Hakim Shah of Khushal Khan Khattak University, KP, will be showcasing IOT based technology including automation of labs and control of software using Pashto language. He will also be demonstrating a solar tracking for maximum harvest of solar energy.

Centre of Water Informatics

The exhibit will showcase how the core team at WIT is using science to address fundamental water issues in the country. This includes application of theoretical knowledge, demonstration of novel sensing technologies and the deployment of robotic frameworks.