Melas (festivals) have a rich tradition in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab and symbolize good entertainment for the whole family and build a strong sense of community. This tradition will be infused with global models of science festivals. The Lahore Science Mela 2017 will be an opportunity to engage citizens, of all ages and all backgrounds, through events that celebrate science, engineering, medicine, technology and innovation.

The Mela is organized by the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) with the financial support of the Ali Institute of Education. The KSS is one of Pakistan’s most active grass-roots science popularization society visiting schools all around the country with the single aim of fascinating youngsters about science. This is part of its National Science Movement that the Society launched in 2016. The Society is credited with hundreds of celebrated events including seminars, public lectures, exhibitions, and science festivals all around the country. The Lahore Science Mela is one of the Society’s grandest events. The goal of Lahore Science Mela is not to teach but to have fun, through hands-on activities, workshops, fascinating science experiments and demonstration of technological tools that are aimed at all age groups, thus fueling visitors’ innate curiosity towards science and the world around us.